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Guy Villeneuve

Villeneuve Financial

Thank you so much for a wonderful session!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to sign up for another session for sure!

I could literally feel the “energy” and I wasn’t expecting that from an online event.

Lynne headshot

Lynne Raven Fayhe

Health And Wellness Advocate

What an incredible experience connecting with fabulous business owners!

Well organized and lots of energy! Sessions were long enough to get to know each other and short enough to encourage the scheduling of follow-up time. I will definitely be attending the next one!

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Support Local Coffee And Food Venues

Support a local coffee or food establishment with your networking coffee chat. COVID has hit the food and beverage industry hard, and they need community support! Are you choosing to meet virtually? Consider purchasing some coffee for home brewing from your local shops. Tune into Speedy Networking's social media for great guides on how to brew amazing cups of coffee at home to enjoy during your virtual chat.

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