Expand Your Professional Network... Quickly!

Meet business professionals quickly through our online speed networking events.

10 min 1-on-1 video chats with local business professionals

Meet 7-10 professionals in a single event

No pressure atmosphere, we guide you on how to network!


Guy Villeneuve

Villeneuve Financial

Thank you so much for a wonderful session!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to sign up for another session for sure!

I could literally feel the “energy” and I wasn’t expecting that from an online event.

Lynne headshot

Lynne Raven Fayhe

Health And Wellness Advocate

What an incredible experience connecting with fabulous business owners!

Well organized and lots of energy! Sessions were long enough to get to know each other and short enough to encourage the scheduling of follow-up time. I will definitely be attending the next one!


Meet Like-Minded Business Professionals

We created Speedy Networking to help business professionals network and get connected. Meet your new business BFF at our next online meeting!

Grow Your Business With New Referral Sources

When you’re in business, nothing beats a hot referral from people who know, like and trust you. Grow your professional network and be introduced to 10+ business professionals at one of our Speedy Networking events. Take the time to learn from them, and educate them about your own business


Try A Speed Networking Session And Grow Your Business

We get more business referrals from people who know, like and trust us. If you want to grow your business and get more referrals it just makes sense to network, meet more people, follow up with them and work hard at providing them with value - so that they get to know, like, and trust you.

Meet up to 10 new professional contacts per networking event.

Focus on learning about each match and follow up after the meeting.

Provide value and deepen the relationship to build trust and likability.

Join us at one of our upcoming Speedy Networking events and experience it for yourself!